Debunk blood type diet

By | November 26, 2020

debunk blood type diet

We do not really digest plant matter the way that our food does. Most of us are As though, and after 6 months on this BTD, he has greatly changed. Please enter your name here. Any thoughts? There are many influences on our health, but diet is the strongest. ABO is one system — what about all the rest? Results that people may see from following the blood type diet may be because that individual may simply just be eating healthier than before. Lots more energy than the plant diet and a lot less arthritic pain. That is the first big step. I have IBS and am gluten intolerant.

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The researchers sifted through over a thousand papers that might shed some light on the issue, and none of the studies showed an association between blood type diets and health-related outcomes. Ten years earlier, the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association released a number of papers that came out of a day-long scientific seminar held by the Norwegian Society for Nutrition. They also concluded that they are nonsense. In fact, he has! The results? Still not released, sixteen years later. That was ten years ago.

The diet claims that you should follow a diet according to your blood type. Even almost 20 years later, the book has 4. Type A : The agrarian or cultivator. Blood type A people who should eat plant rich diets with no red meat. Type A diets should most resemble a vegetarian. Type B : The nomad. People with blood type B should eat plants, and can eat meat except chicken and pork, and some dairy.

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