Eating mediterranean while on diet

By | October 27, 2020

eating mediterranean while on diet

Many diets are characterized by the foods you can’t eat, but this isn’t exactly the case with the Mediterranean diet, a diet that emphasizes eating foods like whole grains, vegetables, legumes, fish, and olive oil. Because of this, many people find that the Mediterranean diet is more about adding healthy foods into their diet, rather than restricting “bad” foods. Still, there are some foods to try to stay away from if you’re following the diet. Here are 7 foods you should try to avoid while following the Mediterranean diet. So, if you try the Mediterranean diet, you’ll want to limit all meat intake — especially red meat. According to the Mayo Clinic, red meat should be eaten just a few times a month on the Mediterranean diet. You should also try to abstain from cured and processed meats, like bacon, salami, and sausage. If you do want an animal protein, try an omega-3 and protein-rich fish like salmon, mackerel, or tuna. The Mediterranean diet doesn’t include a lot of added sugars and so added sugars should be limited if you’re sticking to this diet. This means staying away from candy, most baked goods, and sugar and syrup-sweetened drinks like soda and artificial juices. To get your sweet fix, try to eat fruit or baked goods made with fruit and natural sweeteners like cinnamon and honey.

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