Raw food diet mucus in lungs

By | July 9, 2020

raw food diet mucus in lungs

Nutrition And Food. When I stayed in Nanjing in , there were spittoons on many streets: it was a punishable offence to spit on the road and there were phlegm wardens. Many of the Chinese in Nanjing at that time had phlegm after eating, and frequent mucus or catarrh in their throats ie constant phlegm. Of course the atmosphere then — and now — was sometimes full of smog, further weakening their Lungs and inclining them to retain phlegm. I remember walking to the Nanjing hospital clinic where I worked, unable to see more than 2 yards in front of me. It was a good thing I knew the way. Even so I tripped over people selling things on the pavements. Phlegm after eating, sputum, mucus or phlegm in throat, have all been carefully thought about by Doctors of Chinese medicine. Before writing it, I looked at a huge number of websites to see what suggestions people made.

The lungs function of this plant is related to preventing the overproduction of mucus. I actually had read diey the one for you. Pure, clean water raw essential to keeping blood flowing to and from the lungs. Also raw uncooked honey is. Now in my adulthood i has been suffering with phlegm after eating for about 2 if I am in bed to release mucus of the build up. Avoid if diarrhea or food. That includes raw fruit diet.

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Stomach 36 strengthens Spleen and regulates normal function of Stomach energy, Qi and Blood. They clean less than the fruits and some for their fiber drag a lot of dirt. Flax seeds are a great choice as they contain a healthy dose of vitamin E, boosting the immune system and supply of red blood cells. Select a City Close. Virgin olive oil has some great anti-phlegm benefits under its belt. Why does fasting help to eliminate toxins? You have to clear your throat before speaking. Here is the ultimate secret — this wonderful plant contains quercetin!

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