What is the paddison diet

By | March 29, 2021

what is the paddison diet

I tried the Paddison diet fasted for 2 days drank cucumber Juice which I hate lost weight which was a positive but unfortunately for me my flare ups got worse, even while I was fasting. However, the best of you is still to come. Today my doctor suggested I give this ago. Yes, you may lose weight. They are genetically unable to properly digest milk and other dairy products. No one is holding a gun to your head. I find it a great support, I only have a mild case, and i find the pain and constant grind of this disease, a challenge to say the least. Yet, even with the strategies described above, some people experience severe or repeated flare-ups of their inflammatory or autoimmune disease. I joined it and receive regular emails from him but haven’t started the programme yet. These are not necessarily really separate conditions but they overlap and are labeled according to symptoms and what medical treatments tend to be used.

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Has anyone tried or heard of the Paddison Programme which has been designed by Clint Paddison? It’s about eating plant based food to help improve RA symptoms. I know that there are lots of books out there on this subject but just wondered if anyone had any info on it. Never heard of it, but funnily enough someone said to me today they knew someone who had managed to control symptoms with diet. Keep us posted. The Paddison program will help. I could not eat rice and beans but I can eat green vegetables. Grains, dairy, oils and nightshades are out for me. Green veggies will heal and processed foods will kill. I’m on it and it works very well.

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Podcast: Play in new window Download. Life had been going to plan, until that morning Clint Paddison woke up while interstate for comedy gigs with sore feet. With bulldog determination, persistence and scientific experimentation Clint turned his health around and now leads a life drug free and pain free. To be honest there is so much involved beyond just cleaning up your food. I can genuinely say this interview was such a pleasure to prep for. To my listeners who want to connect with Clint and his work via the Paddison Program online I have everything linked up in the show notes below. In fact that was how I first came to know Clint.

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